Trick or Treat …… Another Hernia

November 1, 2011 goodbyegordita

Happy Halloween !!!

Or was it?

A little over a week before Halloween, I ended up back in the hospital. I’ve been having random pain since my last hernia surgery but every time I go to get it check out nothing shows up except for a hernia in my belly button area.

My doctor knew I had this but since I have more weight to lose he was trying to hold off because they can come back with weight loss. It was causing me daily pain but more like an annoyance more then anything. For example, I couldn’t sleep on my belly, I couldn’t lean against the counter when washing dishes. I also had to protect my belly like if I was a pregnant lady, scared that a hug might hurt etc.

A few days before I ended up in the hospital my belly would contract and get real hard. It look like I was pregnant and it was accompanied with pain.

Finally the pain got so bad that I walk in the emergency room crying and screaming. I ended up having Hernia surgery the next morning. This time it couldn’t be done Laparoscopic either. This was my first time cut like that.

I had about 16 staples from my belly button up. Also got to come home this time with a drain. Another first. Did I mention this all happen 8 days before my big annual Halloween party?

Guess I got a Trick this year…. or did I ?

I look at the picture below and have to admit still feeling soar……I still have no buyer regrets. No one said this would be easy. I did see the list of complications the surgery could have before I had it.Sure like most I thought they would never happen to me but since some have…I can honestly still say I have no regrets. I am so happy . I feel great and that is something I haven’t been able to say for a very long time.

Here I am on Halloween 2011

down 189 lbs.


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  • 1. Britt  |  November 4, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    You look amazing! Well done on all your weight loss. I am considering having the surgery and came across your blog when researching.

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