My 1 Year Post Op Anniversary in Vegas

September 27, 2011 goodbyegordita

Yep that’s right. Hubby swept me away to Vegas to celebrate my one year surgery anniversary. I have always dreamed of going to Vegas.

I hadn’t been on a plane in 12 years!!! I had no problem fitting in the seat belt or anything else. Its so nice to be free!!!!

We stayed at the Bellagio. It was really nice.

I wanted to make sure I saw everything on the strip while in Vegas. I think we did a great job of covering it…

Boy!!! There was alot of walking !!! Felt great not to have a problem with that. We did it all. Saw a few shows. My favorite was the Love Beatles Show!!!

Wow just amazing !!!! Took lots of pictures, though I really still don’t like the way I look . Trying to learn to love me along the way.

As of  9/9/11 I am now down 176 lbs!!!!!! Since then I have been gaining and losing the same 2 lbs. Guess I am in a funk or something. Got to get the weightloss to start again!!!!

Yesterday I did a 8 mile bike ride. Felt great!!!! Hope to keep it up so I can get the ball moving again.

I have notice that when you reach a year out it all slows down. very frustrating since I have more to lose…. Not going to give up. I know I can do this with time 🙂

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  • 1. SUSIE  |  November 6, 2011 at 12:14 am

    thanks for sharing my friend..Hugs..Susie

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