Complications Happen….

July 12, 2011 goodbyegordita

I remember reading all those horrible complications that Weight Loss Surgery could cause.

I remember reading over them and praying that they would never happen to me.

At 10 months out I thought I was pretty safe at this point…. WRONG!!!!!!!!

You really need to read each and everyone because they can become your reality.

I was hospitalized on Wednesday June 29, 2011 ( 9 and a half months post op) for stomach pain.

I was having sharp pain in the middle top of my tummy. It would come and go but when it came it was worse than child labor.

I also had some pain in my lower left tummy that would come and go. I was given cat scans,ultrasounds, blood test, you name it.

At first they came back with results of  Diverticulitis. I spent the next few days in hospital on antibiotics and full liquid diet. The pain seemed to go away. Doctor told me I should also have out my gallbladder since It would need to come out eventually and could be the cause of some of the pain. I agreed but really wasnt up for another surgery plus I had been in hospital so long I just wanted to go home. It was a holiday weekend and I would end up just having to be there a few days waiting for my doctor to be back from holiday to do the gallbladder surgery so I opted out and said I wanted to go home and come back if I had more pain…..

He agreed as long as I was able to go back to a full diet so he left me there and I began to eat…

I guess God decided to send me a LOUD message to stay and have surgery because the real bad pain came back. It only lasted for 20 mins but it brought me to my knees. I felt really hot and almost passed out. I just can’t describe how bad pain was….When Dr. came in next day he told me I wasnt going anywhere. The gallbladder needed to come out. That was Sunday Morning (Day 5 of being in the hospital) It was also Fourth of July weekend. He told me he would perform the gallbladder surgery on Wednesday after the Holiday weekend. I was disappointed to learn I would have to wait 3 more days to have surgery. I had already been there so long but there was nothing I could do. It needed to be done…Everything seemed fine and I was just trying to get over being stuck in the hospital. Until 4 am Monday Morning (July 4th) I woke up in the most pain I have ever had. The pain was back but it wasnt stopping…I screamed for hours. Woke up the whole fourth floor of hospital. My Dr. even called in meds that they said would knock me off my feet. I didn’t feel it at all. I continued to scream. (Mind you I have a high tolerance for pain) Dr. Had to come in and told me it wasnt my gallbladder, it was an internal hernia. He said it was going into my intestines and getting stuck !!! I just signed myself up for emergency surgery. I was so scared. He was hoping it would be easy and be able to do it laparoscopic. However, there were no promises if he found dead intestines. If they did he would have to cut me more (The pain had started off and on over a month ago)

Thankfully I woke up and things went well. He was able to do it laparoscopic. The next day I was released from hospital. I was happy to be home but I will tell you that the hernia surgery recovery was a lot harder. I had a lot more pain then when I had the weight loss surgery. Now that I am home I have learned it was a complication from the WLS. I hear it happens more than once in some people. I pray I am not one of those people. The hospital is always a big ordeal for me. I have horrible veins and had to have 4 different ivs while there.

I cant wait to be back to feeling 100% like before…Im still scared and still have little pains…The stapes were removed a few days ago though and I think each day I will get better….


P.s. He wouldnt take out my gallbladder at the same time 😦 He said it was too much for one surgery. I am bummed that I have had surgery twice and he has still not taken it out…Hopefully it never flares up 😦


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  • 1. Romona  |  August 25, 2011 at 10:29 pm

    Jenny I just got home from hospital yesterday. Exact same problem. Worst pain ever. I had emergency surgery Monday for Petersens Hernia. I had been experiencing pain for about a month. Our stories are so similar. I had my gastric on 9/13/11. I also have problems with IVs. It was like I was reading my own story !

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