1 Month, 1 Week… Check In

October 14, 2010 goodbyegordita

Ok so I guess its about time for another blog. Please forgive me. I am in pureed stage since Sept 29.
I was really looking forward to eating after being so long on liquid diet. I thought that as time would go it would get easier. Boy did I learn that the Pureed stage is hard. You are so emotionally ready for real food. Yet with your stomach healing, and getting back all it feelings….Its hard to find things that feel ok going down and then just being in the pouch. I was so proud up to that point to be tolerating everything I was allowed but I soon learned that the toilet would have my head in it more then once.
Yet being 16 days on the pureed now I do feel I am getting my groove back.
I have learned that I can no longer tolerate taking/swallowing so many pills like I did in beginning.
Now I find it much easier on my tummy to just mix it in with my apple sauce or yogurt. makes my day so much better. Its these little tricks that help get you through…It is all worth it…. 
I am happy to report that I am down a total of 48 pounds now (Im counting the few days of liquid pre surgery diet too 🙂
Also I will share with you all the things that I find taste good and work well most of the time.
Found some of these on the board. Some you shouldn’t have until you are almost out of your pureed stage…
Remember when in doubt..Puree!!!
Sheppard Pie (see my post below)
turkey with apple sauce
Cottage Cheese Doubles
Fat free refried beans with FF Cheese and FF sour cream
Egg Beaters with cheese
Egg or Tuna Salad
Greek yogurt add a spoonful of sugar free cheesecake pudding mix and it’s just like eating cheesecake.  You can top it with a little no sugar added cherry pie filling.

Ricotta cheese.  Microwave with some spaghetti sauce and it’s like lasagna.

Or make Ricotta  sweet with splenda

Wendy’s Chili.  Puree if it has any big chunks.

Soft cooked veggies.  Canned fruits (non acidic ones, of course).

Cream soups.

Pinto bean puree
Ricotta or cottage cheese with Smuckers  SF jam blended into it
Spinach cheese dip, warm or cold
Plain plus sugar free cheesecake pudding is to die for!
Mashed/pureed cauliflower with sharp cheddar cheese – yum!
split pea and ham soup
decaf instant coffee with ff milk and splenda made like coffee con leche
Protein Shakes I like
Pro blend 55 vanella (this way you can change up the flavors by mixing in different sugar free syrups or decaf coffee)
Muscle Milk Chocolate

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