Dreams Do Come True

September 13, 2010 goodbyegordita

Well I am very happy to report that I finally had my surgery on Wed Sept 8, 2010 with Dr. Sosa.
I will say that 5 days out and it was totally worth it. The first day right after surgery was hard but nothing extreme.
The next morning I was already feeling much better. In fact right after the recovery room physical therapy
came to get me out of bed. It felt great to be up and on the road to recovery..Though yes I was asking for my meds!!

Friday when I came home I felt really good and happy. Really only had the soreness from the staples.
Again not too bad.

Today is Monday after my surgery and I am already down  23 pounds from my heighest and 15 from the surgery.
I am a very happy camper. I am still on clear liquid diet. Look forward to any added items since I have been doing this
9 days now. Broth, Jello , SF Pops, Crystal Light.  My brain needs something new 🙂 Mind you I say my brain cause my new tummy feels full all the time. I have all I can do to get in the vitamins and proteins and water.

I am still sore…Staples come out this Thursday. Hope by then I feel less soreness. Also I pray staples being removed dont hurt. I am a chicken!!!

All and All I can already say I am very happy. Wish I would of been able to find a way to do it sooner. I wasted so many years of my life being unhappy and miserable. Ready to make up for them all 🙂

Thank You Dr. Sosa 🙂 I know you are not very talkative but I just hope you know how happy you are making us!!!!
You’ve earned your wings for sure!!!


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