Could It Be True ?

August 28, 2010 goodbyegordita

Is that picture really of me……could it be true?

I’ve tried my entire adult life to lose weight. How could it be?

I’ve tried everything under the sun, weight watchers, Phen Phen, Atkins, cabbage soup, fasting, Jenny Craig’s, Nutri System, 3 Gym memberships…..the list goes on.

I just don’t understand after years of dieting how I have managed to put on so much weight to  my already big body.

I’ve seen those shows of the morbid obese who can’t get out of bed. I see them being tape eating gallons of ice cream and dozens of eggs in one sitting….. That’s not me….Or is it?


I really feel out of control. I am not sure who this person is staring back in the mirror at me. I hate her. She has stolen my life and happiness.

Sure I was always “full figured” but life was still out there.

Now I’m barely breathing… trap inside all this fat. Refusing to leave my home.

Help! Does anyone hear me?  What do you do when you can’t help yourself?


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