Our newest side by side :)

I’m still working at the weightless. Its really hard now. I wont give up. I want to make it to “Onderland” !!!

Closer then I have ever been in my adult life ๐Ÿ™‚

Good news though. My husband made it to “Onederland” yesterday. He is now 198 pounds.



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201 lbs weightloss

201 lbs weightloss

Made another goal

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200 lbs Weight Loss :)

I have been wanting to be able to say this for so long. I got so close and then the Holidays happened. As most of us WLS know, when you hit a year out, it gets much harder to lose weight. Add that to the holidays and I was starting to feel like a failure. I don’t dump on hardly anything and with time you are able to eat more so its hard to stay in control. The carbs are the killers…. People think you have the surgery and you just lose the weight…They don’t understand how hard it still is and how we have to make the same healthy habit changes as everyone else in order to lose and keep it off….It’s like the minute they hear you had weight loss surgery they think you didn’t have to do anything to lose the weight and therefore you didn’t earn it..Boy if only they knew how hard it is and how much of a sacrifice we do make for the weight loss…..That being said I am just so happy to be able to say I have lost 200 lbs….I am part of a very special club now…

Still I have a hard time telling people I lost so much weight cause then they look at me and see I still have so much to lose….I shouldn’t worry so much about what people think but I do…Much better at not caring now but a part of me still holds the shame of letting myself get so big…

Alot of you have been asking me how I turned my bad eating over the holidays around and started losing again…..

Well I just did it… I took one day of pure liquids to get myself in control….and then just started using myfitnesspal.com to track everything….my food, my exercise..it helps when you stay accountable for your actions.

Also since the new year I have really kick up my exercise. I am working out 7 days a week…I usually do 30-40 mins on the elliptical and then I come home and go on a hour bike ride… So far this seems to be helping.

My next goal is to get to Onderland…..Getting pretty close, closer then I ever dreamed.

I also wanted to share that I got a new job and start tomorrow…I am really going to try and keep up my exercise everyday. Working fulltime is really going to be a adjustment for me though…I hope I like it…

Wish me luck all, say some prayers for me to get to Onderland ok ??!!! I will do the same for all of you…

I want you to know that each and everyone of you really help me get through this journey. You guys rooting me on really Inspires me to work harder ๐Ÿ™‚

If you havent added me on FB I hope you will so we can root ech other on.



Let’s Do This….




P.s. Promise to post a new 200 pound weight loss pic soon ๐Ÿ™‚


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Feeling Better

Hello ๐Ÿ™‚

I know its been awhile since I have post. I was trying to wait until I hit a 200 pound weightloss. Thing is now weightloss is real slow and I have been gaining and losing the same 3 pounds since Thanksgiving.

I am really trying hard.ย  Went back to the gym a week ago now that I have been cleared since my last hernia surgery. I will say I have not been perfect. The holidays are hard. Too many sweets and carbs out there. I really dont dump or anything like that so I still have to watch what I put in my mouth. Its still a fight everyday just now I have a tool to aid me with the struggle.

I am starting to feel better again. Dont want to jinx it though…..lol

Here is my new side by side picture. Needed to do it to remind myself how far I have come already.

Hope you all are doing well and fighting for your dreams.

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Trick or Treat …… Another Hernia

Happy Halloween !!!

Or was it?

A little over a week before Halloween, I ended up back in the hospital. I’ve been having random pain since my last hernia surgery but every time I go to get it check out nothing shows up except for a hernia in my belly button area.

My doctor knew I had this but since I have more weight to lose he was trying to hold off because they can come back with weight loss. It was causing me daily pain but more like an annoyance more then anything. For example, I couldn’t sleep on my belly, I couldn’t lean against the counter when washing dishes. I also had to protect my belly like if I was a pregnant lady, scared that a hug might hurt etc.

A few days before I ended up in the hospital my belly would contract and get real hard. It look like I was pregnant and it was accompanied with pain.

Finally the pain got so bad that I walk in the emergency room crying and screaming. I ended up having Hernia surgery the next morning. This time it couldn’t be done Laparoscopic either. This was my first time cut like that.

I had about 16 staples from my belly button up. Also got to come home this time with a drain. Another first. Did I mention this all happen 8 days before my big annual Halloween party?

Guess I got a Trick this year…. or did I ?

I look at the picture below and have to admit still feeling soar……I still have no buyer regrets. No one said this would be easy. I did see the list of complications the surgery could have before I had it.Sure like most I thought they would never happen to me but since some have…I can honestly still say I have no regrets. I am so happy . I feel great and that is something I haven’t been able to say for a very long time.

Here I am on Halloween 2011

down 189 lbs.

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Life is Great

Just wanted to say that each day is filled with such happiness now.ย  I am so thankful to all the angels who help me get this surgery. You all have changed my life ๐Ÿ™‚

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My 1 Year Post Op Anniversary in Vegas

Yep that’s right. Hubby swept me away to Vegas to celebrate my one year surgery anniversary. I have always dreamed of going to Vegas.

I hadn’t been on a plane in 12 years!!! I had no problem fitting in the seat belt or anything else. Its so nice to be free!!!!

We stayed at the Bellagio. It was really nice.

I wanted to make sure I saw everything on the strip while in Vegas. I think we did a great job of covering it…

Boy!!! There was alot of walking !!! Felt great not to have a problem with that. We did it all. Saw a few shows. My favorite was the Love Beatles Show!!!

Wow just amazing !!!! Took lots of pictures, though I really still don’t like the way I look . Trying to learn to love me along the way.

As ofย  9/9/11 I am now down 176 lbs!!!!!! Since then I have been gaining and losing the same 2 lbs. Guess I am in a funk or something. Got to get the weightloss to start again!!!!

Yesterday I did a 8 mile bike ride. Felt great!!!! Hope to keep it up so I can get the ball moving again.

I have notice that when you reach a year out it all slows down. very frustrating since I have more to lose…. Not going to give up. I know I can do this with time ๐Ÿ™‚

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Loving Me Along The Way Album

I wanted to post some pics of the new me that I love…

Calling the Album “Loving Me Along The Way ”

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Getting so close to 1 year WLS Anniversary.

In about 12 days I will be celebrating my one year wls surgery anniversary.

Wanted to do a update before

I had to cancel my Luau birthday party due to a tropical storm we were expecting . Instead my hubby and I went to the Hard Rock hotel and had a amazing time. We even got upgraded to one of their biggest suites. It was very nice.

It’s so great getting to live life again …..

Now I must report that I have been having random pain. The pain keeps showing up in different areas so I am really having a hard time figuring out what it is. Yesterday I went to ER near my home. They did a CAT scan, ultrasounds, blood and urine test and found nothing. I was happy they found nothing major but frustrated that I still don’t know why I am having pain. The first nine months I had no pain but since my internal hernia surgery things haven’t been right and also having to deal with a lot of nausea. Problem now is I didn’t go to my WLS doctor or his hospital. It’s a hour away and was feeling too bad to deal with the traffic. The hospital I went to is a great hospital but again now wondering if I made wrong choice since they weren’t able to figure it out and it sucks to have to go through all that again…Plus did I mention I have no insurance so my medical bills are running up.



Hubby surprised me and is taking me to Las Vegas for my one year WLSย  Anniversary. We leave in about 5 days. I am so excited. I haven’t flown in 12 years due mainly to how big I had gotten. I have also never been to Las Vegas. Its been a dream of mine for a very long time. My husband is the best. He is so thoughtful. I just hope that I can grin and bear the pain and go enjoy my trip. Cant wait to post pics from Las Vegas….For now I will share a pic from my birthday. I can really see my weight loss in this picture and it just makes me smile so much.

P.s. weight loss has been real slow this month so I wont post until my one year anniversary…..LOL

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almost 11 months Post OP

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